• The Inside-Out S'more™

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S'mores by TerraFlame

Our Story

Tuck-ins® were first thought of years ago at a campfire when Jerry was making s’mores and simply put a piece of graham cracker and chocolate inside a marshmallow and roasted it up! Jerry went to his now mother-in-law, Carol, to help make this idea into what you know and love as a Tuck-in today. Dan and Maddie were brought on to run the day-to-day business and the Tuck-ins Team was born!

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Tuck-ins® are an all-in-one alternative to America’s favorite snack, the S’more!

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My daughter (5 years old) loves roasting marshmallows over a fire to make s'mores, but often times struggles with the assembly of her s'more. These are the perfect solution!

Kim J.

Regular s’mores are super messy and the kids get melted chocolate and marshmallows everywhere! Tuck-ins make s’mores quick, fun and enjoyable over a fire!

Jen A.

The marshmallows are way better tasting than store bought marshmallows in my opinion. Everyone loved them and ate every last bite.

Michelle M.

The center was perfect contrast to the smooth marshmallow outside. It was absolutely delicious! This is the way a s’more should be. It’s literally the best way to eat one.

Luigi C.

We love Tuck-ins no matter what the season! They're perfect next to a fire with hot chocolate in the winter or to celebrate a warm summer evening.

Gammah R.