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The Inside-Out S'more

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"What's a Tuck-in" you ask?

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An All-in-one s'more!

Tuck-ins contain everything you know and love about s'mores, and then some. Each Tuck-in consists of handmade graham cracker and dark chocolate, all tucked into an all natural, handmade marshmallow

And oh, yeah, did we mention its already on a stick?

Tuck-ins are All Natural!

Tuck-ins are made with all natural ingredients, with no added preservatives, food coloring, or artificial flavors. Making Tuck-ins with high quality, simple ingredients is extremely important to us.

All that, and they still taste amazing.



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S'more flavors than you can shake a stick at.

We're constantly cooking up new flavor combinations to keep things interesting. Keep checking back to see what we crank out next. If you don't see a flavor you're interested in, contact us and we'll try it out!

We'll try anything once.

Ready to roast, but great without!

Tuck-ins come totally ready to roast! Simply find yourself some fire and roast it the same way you would an ordinary marshmallow to get that melty texture you know and love. Or, if you can't wait to bite in, Tuck-ins are great without roasting!

Burn baby burn! Or, you know, don't!

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Events: We do them.

Tuck-ins has set up shop at many different events throughout Philadelphia! Have one of your own coming up? Contact us for event pricing!

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Come find us at your favorite farmer's market! Check our facebook page for upcoming events and details!


Got an event of your own coming up? Contact us for options! We offer customized labels, bulk discounts, and if you want, we'll even set up our table in your backyard!