12 of our Quarantine Favorites

It has been almost one year since the first quarantine and lockdown began. The past year was difficult, but there was also some light to it all. For some of us, it meant finally slowing down and prioritizing ourselves. For others, it meant more quality time with our kids and family. We picked up new hobbies and tried out new recipes. This week, with our quarantine-iversary coming up very soon, we wanted to indulge in a bit of nostalgia and highlight some of our quarantine favorites – from snacks and trends to TV shows and activities – this one is a little trip down memory lane.

1. Tie-Dye

The perfect craft that allowed you to spice up your wardrobe, entertain your kids, and pass the time - all at once! Whether your goal was to DIY that Instagram tie-dye sweatsuit we saw everywhere or give a fun makeover to those old white shoes, it was an easy (and cheap) way to play around with some colors. Tie-dye also provided a fun element of surprise, which was definitely much needed. 

2. Whipped Coffee

Whether you gave in and downloaded TikTok or not, Dalgona coffee (or often referred to as “whipped coffee”) was everywhere! And everyone was putting their own spins on it. After all, you only needed some sugar, instant coffee, water, and milk. It was fun, yummy, and beautiful in pictures. And, who doesn’t love a little dessert for breakfast?

3. Tuck-ins

Speaking of desserts, these treats were definitely our go-to for when the sweet tooth hit. Tuck-ins are Inside-Out S’mores on sticks. They could easily be roasted over a gas or electric stove, so you did not even have to leave your house. Roasting Tuck-ins was a super fun quarantine activity, especially for the little ones. Additionally, these treats can be frozen for up to 14 weeks – so you could stock up and enjoy them for months! Try your own today and use code SMORE15 for 15% off.

4. YouTube Workouts

Whether you stuck to it long-term or not, we all attempted at least one YouTube workout during our time at home. The Chloe Ting workout challenges and 30 day programs were everywhere. With gyms closed and our other options limited, we all whipped out that yoga mat and told ourselves we were coming out of this lockdown with abs. If you did not, do not worry, you are probably in the majority.

5. Journaling

Journaling has many great benefits, including dealing with stress and anxiety. It is a great way to slow down and set your goals and intentions before a new month, wind down your day, or just get your thoughts down on paper. With much time spent alone, a lot of us began journaling this past year. If you did not, we definitely recommend looking into this practice and perhaps incorporating it into your routine.

6. Tiger King + Netflix

Reality shows and Netflix definitely deserve a standing ovation because where would we be without discovering and binge-watching our favorite new shows? Maybe it was not the healthiest of practices, but shows and movies helped pass the time. They made us laugh, cry, and everything in between. So, thank you Netflix and thank you Joe Exotic for being there with us through the lockdown.

7. Baking Bread

There was definitely a point during quarantine where we all believed we were professional bread bakers. Sour dough, banana bread, and homemade pizza – what didn’t we try? If only I had a dollar for every loaf of bread I made this year… They were not all successful, but that was not the point, it was about the process. Of course, having delicious carbs at the end was more than ideal though.

8. Duolingo

Maybe we did not learn entire languages during our break from the world, but many of us tried. Duolingo is an app which makes learning languages fun and easy by breaking it down into bite-sized activities. Whether you were a beginner or wanted to freshen up on that high school Spanish, Duolingo was a great way to do so. With 30+ languages, there were options for everyone.

9. Meditation

Meditation is a great practice and has so many benefits when incorporated into your daily life. During quarantine, some of us got into meditating and found a new sense of peace within our daily routines. Calm, UnPlug, and Headspace are some great apps to get you started. From breathing exercises to personalized meditation lessons, there are options for wherever you may be on your meditative journey.

10. TikTok Dances

You knew this one was coming. Whether it was your kids or friends that forced you to make your first TikTok dance video, or you gave in and allowed yourself to join in on the viral trends – you must admit, it was fun. Learning these dances made us realize that maybe it was not so easy, but they were fun! And now we have funny videos and memories to look back at.

11. Puzzles

All this time left to spend… so what did we do? Puzzles! They allowed our inner child to come out and offered a little challenge away from our other routinely activities. It was a good way to unplug away from our devices and brag about our final results once complete. What was the largest puzzle you completed?

12. Comfy Wear

Lastly, we have comfy wear. If quarantine made us realize one thing, it is that comfy clothing is where it's at! Pajamas on the bottom and a nice sweater for the Zoom meeting was the way to go. And, even after life goes back to normal, incorporating comfy attire into our daily wardrobe is a must!

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By Shivani Acharya

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