5 of the Best Foods for Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day just a few weeks away, it is the perfect time to start planning your weekend filled with relaxation, good food, and great memories. Cookouts are guaranteed to be the spotlight of your weekend, so below we have outlined a few of our favorite traditional foods to make for Memorial Day!

1. Grilled Burgers and Hotdogs

Every holiday cookout needs fresh burgers and hot dogs to start the grilling of the day! Grab your favorite pack of hot dogs and make your most liked burgers and watch them get scarfed down by friends and family.

2. Tuck-ins!

S'mores are a MUST for spring and summer holidays, especially Memorial Day weekend. Inside-Out S’mores include everything you know and love about s’mores, all tucked into a fluffy marshmallow. They even come with an extender piece to promote safe roasting for little ones! 

3. Kebabs

Dice your favorite seasoned meats and vegetables and layer them on a skewer. Throw them on the grill and cook them to perfection and feel the flavors melt on your tongue!

4. Grilled Corn

Corn on the cob, grilled to perfection, is everyone’s favorite vegetable side. To spice up the corn, make a dip or spread! 

5. Fresh Fruit Platter

Everyone loves fresh fruit, especially on a warm day outside. Pick out your favorite fresh fruits and display them on a platter for everyone to enjoy. For an even s'more special touch, use blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, and bananas to keep the red, white, and blue theme. 

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By Anna Bilsky

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