4 Step Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Gift baskets are adorable, personalized, and a great way to surprise your significant other, kids, family members, or your friends this Valentine’s Day! Whether you are a DIY expert or barely have time to get crafty, this 4 Step Valentine’s Day Gift Basket could be the perfect idea for you. It is easy and customizable, so you can truly create the basket that works best for you!

1. Choose a Base

The first step is going to be finding a base to organize all your gifts and goodies into. If you have time to take a trip to Michael’s or your local craft store, you can find various baskets and containers to use as a base. If you are hoping to save some money or want to add a personalized touch, you can make your own! Empty cookie or chocolate containers, shoe boxes, or organizing bins could work great. If you have wood lying around, you could also make your own wooden box. You can either leave it simple, or go ahead and decorate your container with paints, ribbons, and/or other art supplies.

2. Select your Gifts

This next step is probably the most important and time extensive. However, do not worry! We are going to break down various gift categories and ideas for you to choose from.

a. Sweet Treats

No gift basket is complete without sweets! Adding some chocolate is always a great go-to, but how about taking it up a notch? Surprise your loved ones with Inside-Out S’mores! Tuck-ins are roastable, Inside-Out S’mores already assembled on sticks. With the rich chocolate and crunchy graham cracker inside the fluffy marshmallow, they are a mess-free dessert but equally as delicious! They can be roasted right over a gas or electric stove, so you will not even have to leave your house. Tuck-ins come in various flavors too (Classic S’more, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, and Gluten-Free and Vegan French Toast and Classic S’more options). These treats are the perfect size to include in a gift basket and will surely be an exciting addition! Click here to get yours and use code SMORE15 for 15% off!

b. Savory Snacks

Continuing with the food theme (because who doesn't love food?) we suggest adding some savory snacks. If they love spicy foods, maybe add some Takis or Hot Cheetos. If they love popcorn, check out Emma’s Gourmet Popcorn. Based in Lancaster, PA, this homemade popcorn uses only the finest ingredients and is GMO-free. Head on over to their site to choose from tons of exciting flavors!

c. Gift Cards

Gift cards are great to throw into any gift basket and can be picked based upon who it is for. If they love shopping for clothes, maybe get a gift card of their favorite clothing store. If they are a foodie, give them a card to their favorite restaurant. Craft stores, gas stations, gaming stores, and the list goes on…Who does not love some free money?

d. Bath and Body Products

Regardless of who it is for, anyone and everyone can use some nice relaxing time. Include bath bombs, body scrubs, or body butter for a spa night at home. You could also add their favorite perfume or cologne to the basket. There are tons of places you can get all of these products, but Bath & Body Works just released their Valentine’s Day collection. Shop on their site now!

e. Hand Sanitizer

Since we are still in amidst a pandemic, some hand sanitizer is a quick and easy addition to your gift basket. It will be useful and keep them safe as we continue to take precautions during these difficult times. 

f. Face Masks

We are all wearing them right now, so why not add to the collection? There are tons of small businesses on Etsy that sell handmade face masks. You can choose from various sizes, colors, and patterns too. Click here to browse through them!

g. Phone Case and Chargers

I do not know about you, but my phone chargers are always breaking or getting lost! It may sound odd, but a phone charger could be a very useful gift. A new phone case could also be a nice gift, especially if they spend a lot of time on their phone (no judgement, we are all guilty of it!) Pela makes sustainable phone cases that are environmentally friendly, but also cute! Click here to shop Pela cases! 

h. Stuffed Toys

Teddy bears may be a popular Valentine’s Day gift, but reasonably so! Add a cute stuffed animal to their basket that will not only put a smile on their face, but remind them of you every time they see it. For some of the softest, most adorable stuffed animals, check out Squishmallows!

i. Cozy Attire

Since we are spending a lot of time at home, we might as well get cozy. Some fuzzy socks, a brand new robe, or some soft slippers are an excellent addition to your gift. Or get them the recently trending Comfy. A sweatshirt that is also a blanket? Yes, please! Click here it get it now!

3. Personalize It

After adding all your goodies into the basket, it is time to further personalize the gift. Add a card with a personalized message or make your own card. You can also add pictures of you with them. Head over to CVS or Walmart to get your favorite pictures printed. Then, you can either decorate the outside of the basket with them or place them inside. 

4. Wrap + Add Final Touches!

Although this is not necessary, wrapping the basket with some cellophane or other plastic wrap could make the gift feel even more fancy. Add some ribbon, a gift tag, and you are all set! Drop off the gift basket at your recipient’s house, or if you live with them - place it somewhere they will be surprised to see it the morning of Valentine’s Day! 

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By Shivani Acharya

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