4 Ways to Get into the Holiday Spirit with Family

Need ideas for how to celebrate the start of the holiday season? We've got you covered! Here are 4 ways to get into the spirit this December. For your family, some of these ideas may be classic traditions, and some may be new ways to spice up this season!

1. Family Ice-skating

Share funny moments with family ice-skating together. What a lovely way to enjoy the holiday season, get some exercise, and make memories for life!

2. Gathering Around a Bonfire with Tuck-ins 

This hectic life makes it hard to find enough time for loved ones. But Tuck-ins found a solution for you! Gathering with family and friends around a bonfire to enjoy Inside-Out S'mores is a great way to spend quality time together. Each Tuck-in has handmade graham cracker, covered in chocolate all “tucked-in” to a marshmallow. They will guarantee the unforgettable roasting experience in a cozy atmosphere. Click here to order now and use code “BLOG20” for 20% off your order!

3. Baking and Decorating Gingerbread Cookies

Baking gingerbread cookies is an activity that will help you slow down and enjoy the baking process together with your loved ones. It is also a fantastic decoration for a house to create a holiday atmosphere. 

4. Watching Holiday movies

Don't forget to rewatch “Home Alone” and add other movies to your watching list. Create a cozy atmosphere by grabbing your favorite blanket, some snacks, and hot chocolate to enjoy watching movies together.

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By: Dilnoza Kurbonova

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