5 Camping Hacks With Kids!

With Fall rolling around the corner, this weather makes for the perfect camping trip with the kids! We came up with a few hacks to keep the kids happy and occupied on your next outdoor vacation. Keep reading for more information!

1. Pre-Make Snacks

Hungry children can sometimes be stressful for parents, so prepping some easy
snacks is a great way to keep your kids content on the trip. Make easy, healthy,
and delicious snacks such as trail mix, protein oat balls, and granola bars for a
quick bite to eat. Check out these Trail Mix Recipes for inspiration!

2. DIY Night Light

Glow Sticks make the perfect nightlight and are fun to crack to life. Grab a pack
of glow sticks before your next camping trip for an affordable and safe night light
to help your children feel comfortable during the night.

3. Up Your S’mores Game!

Inside-Out S’mores are a necessary addition to any camping trip! Tuck-ins are
the perfect NO prep, LESS mess alternative to s'mores, and come with Extender Pieces to ensure safe roasting for your little ones! Grab a pack or two before your next trip and start making sweeter memories.


4. Stock Up on Bug Spray

Although this may seem obvious, bug spray is often forgotten when preparing for
a camping trip. Hypoallergenic and kid-friendly bug spray are essential for a trip
free of constant itching and pesky bug bites.

5. Bring Some Bubble Wands!

Bubble Wands are an amazing toy to keep children occupied and excited all
throughout the trip. They can spend endless amounts of time making bubbles
and chasing them around, making sure not to pop them. Grab a few bubble
wands before you head out!


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Anna Bilsky

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