5 Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas

What better way to celebrate the “Luck of the Irish” than to make and enjoy some sweet treats with loved ones! Here are 5 quick and tasty dessert recipes to try out this St. Patty’s Day:

1. Blender Chocolate Pots De Creme

If you're looking to try a traditional Irish dessert and are a chocolate lover, these Blender Chocolate Pots De Creme are a great dessert to try out this St. Patty’s Day! These also take less than 10 minutes to prepare if you're in a time crunch. Check out the recipe here!

2. Inside-Out S'mores

It wouldn't be a festive and fun holiday without Tuck-ins! 
Tuck-ins are the perfect, lazy treat idea to share with the family. Roast Tuck-ins over the fireplace, a gas stovetop or a bonfire! Shop now at: http://tuck-ins.com

3. Chocolate Whoopie Pies

If you want to spend some time baking with the little ones, recreate these Thin Mint inspired mint cookies that will guarantee smiles from everyone! Here’s the recipe!

4. Green Peppermint Shake

Everyone looks forward to the seasonal McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes each year. Why not recreate it yourself at home to enjoy whenever you want?! This recipe takes 5 minutes and only requires a few simple ingredients! Click here for the recipe!

5. St. Paddy’s Shakin’ Shots

For all the adults 21+, here is a boozy St. Patrick's Day recipe that is a must-try! These St. Paddy’s Shakin’ Shots are so festive and delicious! Here’s how to make them!

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By Sophie Teitel

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