5 DIY Halloween Crafts

Spooky season is slowly creeping up, and it is time to start thinking of some ways to celebrate the festive season! If you are looking for budget-friendly ways to enjoy the season and throw a spooktacular get together, we've got you covered! Keep reading for some DIY decoration ideas, and check out last week’s blog for the perfect spooky Halloween snacks!

1. Group of Gourds

Visit a few local shops or farmer’s markets and gather gourds of different shapes
and sizes. Attach googly eyes, paper witch hats, and add some personality with a
decorative smile for the cutest, simple decorations for this Halloween season. 

2. Webby Wall

Add some spider web material to the wall outside of your house or in the bushes
for a haunted look to your home! Entice trick-or-treaters when the time comes
with an eerie feel and decorative state! Spruce it up by making a giant spider out
of styrofoam balls or even construction paper.

3. Spooky Tuck-ins Bouquet

Grab a bundle of your favorite Inside-Out S’mores and add some fake spider
webs to make your special treat look extra spooky. For added decor, throw in
some candy corn in the bottom of the vase with a few plastic spiders. For a sweet & spooky night, Tuck-ins are the best treat to roast with your little ones!


4. Bat Banner

Cut a couple dozen bats out of black and brown construction paper and tie them
together with burlap string to create a cute and spooky garland for your home! Drape over the mantle, staircase, or even on the wall for a spectacular
decoration. You can even use your Bat Banner as a backdrop for photos at your Halloween party!

5. Witch Hats

Traffic cones make the perfect structure for witch hats to line your driveway or
sidewalk. Spray paint a handful of cones black, add a buckle with paint or
permanent markers and line them up for a witchy welcoming! For a little extra
oomph, add string lights for the hats to glow and light up the night!

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Anna Bilsky

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