5 Easter Basket Ideas

Spring is in the air which means Easter is right around the corner! Although things may still be a bit unconventional, you can still have a fabulous Easter with your family! Below are some easy ideas of cute items to put in the Easter baskets your kids look forward to every year!

1. Candy Eggs

Kids love candy more than anything, and these candy Easter eggs are the perfect base for any Easter basket! Layer the bottom of the Easter basket with these candies that will have the kids begging for more.

2. Stuffed Animal Bunnies

What do kids love more than candy? Stuffed animals! Plop one of these super cute, super soft stuffed bunnies in their basket and it is guaranteed to make their day! Say hello to their new favorite stuffed animal, and prepare for them to hold onto it forever!

3. Tuck-ins

Inside-Out S’mores are great for parents and kids, as they leave no mess and come with extender pieces for easy roasting with your little ones! Stick a few Tuck-ins in their basket and roast them for a yummy Inside-Out S’more that are bound to be enjoyed by the entire family. Order now and use code SMORE20 for 20% off!

4. Colorful Chalk

Although it may seem a little silly, chalk is always a hit with children. It keeps them occupied for hours and requires no clean-up! What is better than sitting outside on a warm summer day watching the kids let their inner artist out?

5. Coloring Books

We love seeing how artistic children can be, and coloring books encourage them to be creative! Add one or two coloring books to your child’s basket and let them color until their hands start cramping. Maybe add a few of their creations to 

the wall or the fridge for some extra unique decorations!

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By Anna Bilsky

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