5 Family-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

The day of love is only a couple of weeks away, and there’s nothing better than showing your family just how much you love them. Valentine’s Day does not have to be stressful or expensive, especially when you have kids! It is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time as a family, showering them in gratitude and love, and making new traditions. Keep reading for our list of ideas for how to spend the best Valentine’s Day together as a family.

1. Valentine’s Photo Shoot

We love taking any opportunity to have a cute photoshoot with our little ones, especially from the comfort of our own home! This can be super easy, and far less inexpensive than a professional shoot. Tack up a white bed sheet or poster board for a background base, and cover the canvas with paper hearts you and your children made, or maybe some red garland and a few sparkles. Get creative with your background and customize it to your preference for adorable pictures you are sure to cherish forever.

2. Host a Fancy Meal

Playing restaurant at home is fun for both parents and children, and quite a fun thing to host for your family. Creating a ‘restaurant’ in your home can give you the sense of dining out without the hefty bill or stress about not liking the meal. Chef up your favorite dishes with your little helpers and serve a delicious meal made with lots of love! If you’re in the mood to spruce it up a little bit, add a bouquet of red roses or other flowers and DIY a card with a lovely message written for each of your guests, even if they are just your family.

3. Sweet Treat with Tuck-ins!

Tuck-ins make the perfect ending to a night full of laughter, love, and family bonding! Inside-Out S’mores contain a crunchy graham cracker covered in decadent chocolate, all inside of a fluffy marshmallow. With NO prep and LESS mess, what more could you ask for in a dessert? Roast them over a S'mores by TerraFlame Fire Bowl for a s'more sweet night! TerraFlame burns clean with a crackle that sounds just like a campfire, allowing you to roast anytime, anywhere, both inside and outside!


4. Family Staycation

If your family would rather stay in this Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean your night will be boring! Spread a little extra love and cuddle up on the couch for a family movie night with lots of snacks, Tuck-ins, and a romantic movie the whole family will enjoy! Gather all of your blankets, pillows, and delicious treats for a wonderful night, and maybe a new tradition.

5. Let the Kids Pick

If you don’t want to plan a day, don’t worry, the kids can do it! This Valentine’s Day, allow your little ones to decide their perfect ways to celebrate and just go with it. Fully embrace their independence and decision making skills and partake in whatever their heart chooses to do on this day. Your children will be super excited and happy to have a say in their family Valentine’s Day, and it will surely be a day to remember forever. 

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Anna Bilsky

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