5 Fun and Easy Fall Date Night Ideas!

Fall is the best time for planning creative and festive date nights with your loved ones! Also, your wallet doesn't have to take a hit with these simple and more affordable activity ideas. If you're looking for the perfect cozy fall date ideas, keep reading!

1. Have an Outdoor Scary Movie Night!

Fall makes for the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the cool weather. Plan the perfect date night with your loved one right in the comfort of your backyard! Bring all the blankets and snacks together and get cozy while enjoying the cool fall air and your favorite scary movies! 

2. Make a Bonfire and Roast Tuck-ins!

Inside-Out S'mores are the best dessert to share with your lover and are perfect when you want to skip the extra prep and mess. Choose from your favorite flavors and create s'more sweet memories. Enjoy Tuck-ins this fall season by going to tuck-ins.com and ordering now with code BLOG15 for 15% off!


3. Check Out a Local Event Together!

Fall is for warm baked goods, crunchy leaves, farmer’s markets and corn mazes! Corn mazes make for the perfect daytime date activity- just don't get lost from each other! Take cute couples pictures and enjoy exploring the local area with your loved one.

4. Take a Long, Scenic Drive

Enjoy the fall foliage before it's too late! Nothing beats a beautiful drive during the fall time, with the trees changing colors. Make a fall playlist, get lost in conversation, and enjoy the view!

5. Plan a Fall-Themed Camping Trip!

Camping isn't just for the summer. In fact, this is the best time to camp! Plan a fall-themed camping trip and enjoy the cool weather. For even s'more fun, find a trail and go on a fall hike during your camping trip too! Make sure to pack extra blankets with you!

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Sophie Teitel

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