5 Fun and Simple Summer Date Ideas

Whether it is your significant other, your best friend, or a bunch of friends, here are some easy ways to spend quality time with your loved ones over the summer!

1. Go for a bike ride

Rent bikes or grab your bikes if you already own them and go for a bike ride together! This is a great idea to spend time outdoors together, get some exercise and spend time together!

2. Go see an outdoor movie together

Drive-in theaters scream quintessential summer nights, and it is a great way to switch up going to the regular theater.

3. Have a bonfire night and roast Tuck-ins

What better activity to do on a summer night than to enjoy s'mores roasted on a fire? With Tuck-ins, you can enjoy this classic summer experience mess-free and an easy roasting experience! Tuck-ins are a roastable, Inside-Out S’more on a stick, each containing a crunchy handmade graham cracker, covered in decadent chocolate, all inside a fluffy marshmallow! Shop now and use code SMORE20 for 20% off!

4. Go stargazing

This is such an easy yet meaningful way to spend time with your loved one. All you need is a couple blankets and maybe some snacks, and enjoy the view!

5. Volunteer together

Some great ways you can help out in your town together could be helping out at an animal shelter, serving a meal at a soup kitchen, or cleaning up trash at a park or beach. Spending time together by doing things for others is a great way to get closer with your loved one or friends!

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By Sophie Teitel

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