5 Fun Ways to Kick Off the First Week of Summer

Happy First Day of Summer! Take advantage of the beautiful weather all summer long by planning enjoyable activities for the whole family. Here are some simple and fun ways to start summer off on the right foot. 

1. Cool Off with a Water Party

Don't have a pool or beach nearby? Throw a water party with the family! Turn on the hose and fill a bucket with water balloons, get a Slip N Slide and sprinkler for the backyard, and play music while everyone cools off and has fun together! 

2. Roast Inside-Out S’mores

Gather around a backyard campfire with the kids and roast everyone's favorite summer dessert, Tuck-ins! Tuck-ins are an Inside-Out S'more on a stick. That’s a graham cracker, covered in chocolate, all tucked into a fluffy marshmallow! With no prep and less mess, Tuck-ins are perfect for the whole family! Shop now at tuck-ins.com


3. Plant a Summer Garden Together! 

Planting a garden is a great way to spend time as a family outdoors while also enjoying the weather. Let the kids get their hands dirty and watch your flowers begin to bloom! Here are some essential summer gardening tips to prepare you for making a garden. 

4. Host an Ice Cream Party

Another perfect way to stay cool in the summer heat and celebrate the start of the season is to have an ice cream party! Grab your family's favorite flavors and fun toppings including colorful sprinkles and syrups, and enjoy! 

5. Create a Summer 2022 Bucket List

Sit down with the family and make a Summer 2022 Bucket List! Ask everyone what they want to do this summer, write it down on a bulletin, hang it in the kitchen or on the fridge, and watch your summer instantly get that much more fun! Here are some fun ideas for inspiration.

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By Sophie Teitel

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