5 Unique Gift Ideas for Easter

1. Tuck-ins Bouquet!

Tuck-ins are Inside-Out S'mores on a stick with fluffy marshmallows, homemade graham crackers, and chocolate all tucked in! You can order our Mix & Match 5 Pack and wrap it into a fun bouquet with colorful wrapping paper and ribbons. Tuck-ins come in various flavors to leave smiles on anyone's face this Easter! Don't forget, the last day to guarantee to ship for Easter is Tuesday, March 28th!



2. Easter Crafts

Easter crafts are a fun and creative gift idea for Easter. You can make your own Easter crafts, such as egg decorating kits, or purchase pre-made crafts from a craft store. Crafting is a great way to spend time with loved ones and create lasting memories.

3. Colorful Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are a beautiful gift idea for Easter. To create a beautiful bouquet, you can choose from various flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, or lilies. Flowers are a great way to brighten up your loved one's home and celebrate the arrival of spring. For an even more special touch for your kids, put the flowers in an Easter bunny vase!

4. Personalized Chocolate Treats

One of the most popular gifts for Easter is chocolate treats. There are wide variety of options, from chocolate bunnies to chocolate eggs. Personalize the chocolate treats by adding your kid's name or a special message to the packaging and picking their favorite colored eggs!

5. Themed Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are always a great gift idea for Easter! Sweeten up your Easter Baskets this year with themes your kids will love.You can create a personalized Easter basket filled with your loved one's favorite items, such as toys, books, or candy. Choose a theme, such as s'mores, travel, sweet and sour, chocolate galore, to make the basket even more special!

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Sophie Teitel 

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