5 Great Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s Day is less than a month away, so it is the perfect time to start thinking about special gifts to get your father or paternal figure to show your love and support. We know it can be a little hard to shop for Dad sometimes, so keep reading to see our list of the best Father’s Day gifts that are meaningful and unique!

1. A New Book

If your dad loves to read, a new book by his favorite author or even a collection of books is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Tailor your book selection to his tastes, whether it is a book based on an interest, hobby, or his new favorite dad joke. If you want to add a little extra love to this present, grab a “what I love about dad” book and fill out the prompts to show your adoration for your paternal figure.


2. Personalized Photo Album

Take a walk down memory lane and put together a scrapbook for your father with a few personal touches. Add in a few blurbs about some of the photos recollecting a great memory, or even a comment about how that day felt. Candids are always welcome to be the stars of the show when it comes to scrapbooking, and photo albums are the best way to display them!


3. Tuck-ins

Inside-Out S’mores are the sweetest gift to give your dad this Father’s Day. Tuck-ins are not only delicious and enjoyable for the entire family, but they also freeze for up to 14 weeks so you can enjoy them even after Father’s Day is over! If you want to take it up a notch this year, TerraFlame Fire Bowls make the perfect addition to Tuck-ins and provide clean burning flames anytime, anyplace, indoors or outdoors! Order by Monday, May 29 to guarantee delivery so you can enjoy Inside-Out S’mores this Father’s Day.

4. DIY Gift Basket

Gift Baskets are always a fun gift to not only receive, but also assemble. Gather a bunch of your father’s favorite goodies and a basket that you think he will enjoy. Include things related to his hobbies and interests, maybe his favorite candies or chocolates, and of course, a heartfelt card. Assemble your basket and watch his face light up with joy as he opens up your gift basket.


5. Slippers

Although it is no longer chilly outside, who doesn't love a nice pair of slippers? Upgrade your father’s slipper collection with a brand new pair guaranteed to bring comfort for years. Grab your dad a comfortable and practical gift this year that he'll appreciate for years - maybe even decades - to come.

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By: Anna Bilsky

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