5 Hacks for Your Next Event!

Event planning can be overwhelming and time-consuming, whether it's a gala, a wedding, a baby shower, or a work event. Coordinating everything from the venue to the guests to the food is a lot of work, but it can be done with some help from us at Tuck-ins! We made the perfect guide with five hacks to make planning your next event easier!

1. Tuck-ins and TerraFlame Fire Bowls!

Make your next event sweeter with Tuck-ins and Terra Flame Fire Bowls! Tuck-ins are Inside-Out S'mores on a stick with fluffy marshmallows, homemade graham crackers, and chocolate all tucked in! Tuck-ins come in various flavors to leave smiles on all your guests' faces! You can even get a S'mores by TerraFlame Fire Bowl on the side for easy roasting to elevate the experience. 


2. Set up a Selfie Station!

A fun photo booth is a must at any event, and it doesn't have to be expensive, either! Guests can take pictures and even bring them home as a way to always remember what a great time they had. Hang up a backdrop that matches the event's theme, and buy props to make picture-taking s'more fun and memorable!

3. Plan a Detailed Budget!

Event planning gets expensive very quickly, and making a detailed budget plan for your event will ensure you're not overspending and keep you on task and organized! Pro tip: Make your budget plan on a spreadsheet to make everything easier to read and readjust.

4. A Sponsored Bar for Your Next Fundraising Event

A sponsored bar that goes to charity is a fantastic way to enhance any fundraising event instead of an average free bar. This is a great option for social events and can get every of age adult involved. Plus, who wouldnt want to drink for a good cause?!

5. Plan an online game night for your remote company or long-distance friends!

Trivia night, even online, can be a great way to reconnect with old friends or coworkers outside the workspace, especially if you are a remote company. Kahoot and similar platforms are easy ways to create an enjoyable event for all, even from Zoom! 

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Sophie Teitel

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