5 Ideas for a Perfect New Years

Even though a new wave of COVID is sweeping through the nation, there are still ways to have fun with friends and family during the holidays! New Years is the one night a year to recount the memories made throughout the year and plan new goals for a great new year. This year we came up with a few ideas to still hold on to your traditions, all while making new ones. 

1. Resolution Jar

This super cute idea is perfect for those of all ages, including the little ones! Write your resolutions for the new year on strips of paper, fold them, and then put them in a decorated jar. Each month take out a slip of paper and see what you can accomplish!

2. Zoom With Your Loved Ones

We know everyone is tired of hearing about zoom to interact with their friends, but with the new virus upon us, it might be a smart choice this holiday. Share a link with all of your friends for a virtual cocktail night, game night, or just a countdown until the new year!

3. Roast Some Tuck-ins

Nothing is better than roasting s’mores with the family, except for Inside-Out S’mores! Tuck-ins can be roasted indoors over a stove during these brisk months, and come with an extender piece for safe roasting! In addition, you can still countdown to midnight while roasting s’mores with the kiddos!

4. Watch the Ball Drop

If you are staying home this New Years, tune in to your favorite news station to see the ball drop right in New York City! This tradition has been going on for many, many years and seizes to stop. Countdown the seconds with your family and cheer in the new year.

5. Make a Time Capsule

Although this might seem odd, making a time capsule of the past year can be quite rewarding. Gather the family and pick out a few of your favorite items/memories from the year and put them in a special container to be opened in a few years. Looking back on these memories will reserve a special place in your heart for the good times. 

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By Anna Bilsky

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