5 Ideas for the Perfect Family Night!

The kids will be off from school with the holidays and winter break around the corner, which means extra family time for everyone! It can be overwhelming to plan activities that everyone will love, but don't worry! We have the perfect guide to family fun this holiday season; keep reading!

1. At-Home Cooking Class!

Cooking is such a fun way to spend time together and get everyone involved to create a delicious meal as a family that you can enjoy afterwards. You can even spend time together decorating your very own aprons before cooking. We recommend making your own pizza night with a variety of toppings. It will leave smiles on everyone's faces!

2. Roast Inside-Out S'mores around the Fire!

Chilly fall and soon-to-be winter nights are upon us, and there is nothing better than sitting by a warm fire with loved ones- it's even better with Inside-Out S'mores! Tuck-ins have delicious flavor options like Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter that the little ones will love! To add some extra sweetness to your family nights, get your very own Tuck-ins with code "BLOG15" for 15% off!

3. Family Dance Night!

Having a dance party is an excellent way for the kids to get some physical activity during the colder months while still having a blast and spending time together as a family. You can even decorate the house with balloons and streamers and buy fun party hats to make the night even better. This would be the perfect activity for New Year's Eve or any night!

4. Explore Your Town!

Go to a local museum, the zoo, a concert, or an art gallery with the whole family! Getting out of the house can be challenging as it gets colder, but it can be worth the sweet memories.

5. Bake a Yummy Fall Dessert Together!

Baking is the perfect rainy evening activity. You can all get cozy in your pajamas and unwind from the day by baking and enjoying a delicious sweet treat! Here is an amazing list of recipe ideas we love.
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Sophie Teitel

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