5 Ideas for the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is quickly approaching which means it is time to plan out the perfect gift for your father. Dads do a lot for us, and it is important that they know that they are appreciated. Below are a few ideas for the perfect gift to give your fatherly figure for Father’s Day!

1. A Video of Appreciation

Gathering the family and expressing a few words of adoration for your father is one of the perfect gifts you could give. This is perfect if you are not able to see your dad on Father’s Day or if you live long distance. Say a few words about your dad and share a memory or two for the perfect video!

2. Tuck-ins!

We know that most fathers do not want flowers for their special day, so why not give them a bouquet of Inside-Out S’mores! Tuck-ins make the perfect gift, and entail quality time roasting s’mores around the fire and sharing your favorite moments with your dad! No mess so they are ideal for a perfect summer night with no clean-up! Order now using code SMORE20!

3. Customized Koozie 

Nothing is better than a refreshing cold drink on a hot summer day, especially one that is customized with photos or a cute message. Customize your very own koozie with pictures of the family, hand-drawn artwork, or a quote that your dad loves. Give it to him with a cold beverage of his choice and enjoy the hot day with your father!

4. Memories Jar

This gift is especially fun for younger kids to partake in. Gather up the kids and tell them to collect a few of their favorite things that remind them of their dad and put them in a jar. Give your father this jar and explain the memory behind each item in the jar. This is guaranteed to put a smile on your dad’s face and brighten up his special day!

5. DIY Tie Rack 

Tired of seeing your father’s ties in a jumbled mess shoved away in the closet? We have a solution for that! Stick a few pegs into a cute wooden board for an easy, cheap DIY tie rack. This guarantees a neat closet and no more jumbled ties. Your dad will love this unique present! 

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By Anna Bilsky

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