5 Inexpensive Ways to Treat your Mother

Mother’s Day is getting closer and closer and it is time to hunker down and start celebrating your mom! Many times people want to provide their motherly figures with extravagant gifts and plans, but in the midst of a pandemic that might not be ideal or easy. We have picked a handful of ways that you can celebrate your mother in an easy, inexpensive fashion. 

1. Write her a heartfelt letter

Most of the time we hear our parents tell us that handmade gifts are the best to receive. Show your mom some appreciation on her special day by writing her a thoughtful letter about how much you love and cherish her. Maybe add in a memory or two and some pictures to show your mom how much you care. 

2. Serve her breakfast in bed

Nothing is better than waking up to a freshly made breakfast served to you in bed. Make your mom her favorite breakfast foods, prepare that cup of coffee, and hand deliver her the most important meal of the day! She will especially enjoy her meal as it is made with lots of love.

3. Make an effort to call or FaceTime her

We know that it can be hard to celebrate your mother from a distance, especially if you are in another city or state. Try calling or FaceTiming your mom to tell her how much you love her. 

4. Roast some Tuck-ins with her

Tuck-ins make everyone happy, no matter what age. Spend some time outside with your mother and share some happy memories and stories while roasting your favorite Inside-Out S’mores. Added bonus: if you somehow do not finish all of your delicious s’mores, they can be frozen for up to 14 weeks! Order now and use code SMORE20 for 20% off!

5. Make a her photo collage

Lots of parents love to remember their favorite memories, especially from when you were a child. Print out some of your favorite pictures with your mom and those that symbolize some of your best memories. Add them to a scrapbook or make a little pamphlet with all of these beautiful pictures and enjoy seeing her eyes light up. 

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By Anna Bilsky

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