5 Meaningful and Fun Ways to Celebrate this Father’s Day

Whether it is your father, grandfather, spouse or fatherly figure in your life, Father’s Day is the one day a year to celebrate these loved ones in your life. It can be hard to think of ways to celebrate, but we have a few simple and quick ideas for you! 

1. Have a family beach or lake day

What better way to spend time together this Father’s Day than spending quality time outside together relaxing! If you do not have a beach or lake near you, a pool day would also be just as fun!

2. Host a summer bonfire and roast Tuck-ins

A simple way to celebrate the holiday is to set up a backyard bonfire and order a 10 piece bouquet of Tuck-ins for the family. Your father or husband will love the mess-free roasting experience just as much as the kids will! Also, who does not love s'mores when they come in a variety of fun flavors like Cookies & Cream or Peanut Butter Cup! Order now and use code SMORE20 for 20% off your order!

3. Make DIY coffee mugs for your loved ones

If your husband or father is a big tea or coffee drinker, grabbing some plain white mugs and paint markers at the crafts store and making an activity with the family out of it is such a fun way to spend the day, especially if you get stuck with rainy weather!

4. Bake or cook with your loved ones

A great way to spend time together is to bond over making a recipe and sharing it with each other, especially if it relates to your heritage or even exploring a world cuisine you are all more unfamiliar with! It is a great way to make a delicious meal or treat, without having to drop a check on traveling. Here is a great guide for different international recipes with something everyone will love! 

5. Make a classic surprise breakfast in bed 

A tradition many partake in to show love on dads day is waking up early to surprise Dad with breakfast in bed! This guide below has some great recipe ideas that anyone will love! 

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By Sophie Teitel

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