5 of the Best Outdoor Activities in February

Even though Spring is right around the corner, there’s still time to enjoy the cooler air outdoors! We came up with 5 of the best outdoor activities so you can create s’more special memories with your loved ones no matter where you are.

1. Outdoor Movie Night 

Grab your family and friends and plan a movie night outdoors! You can set up a projected movie in your backyard or even go to a drive-in movie. This is the perfect time to watch a classic movie and soak up family time!

2. Roasting Tuck-ins

Whether you’re camping or bundled around a backyard bonfire, Tuck-ins are the perfect treat to enjoy in the cool weather. Inside-Out S'mores come in a variety of flavors and each order comes with extender pieces to promote safe roasting from a distance! Get your very own bundle of Inside-Out S'mores now and use code "BLOG20" for 20% off your order at checkout!

3. Explore a Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens are beautiful all year round! Enjoy the breathtaking views and see the flowers start blooming in anticipation of Spring. No matter where you live, there are Botanical Gardens scattered all around!

4. Go on a Run, Hike, or Bike Ride

This is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy a breath of fresh air! Pick a sunny day to go for a run, hike, or even a bike ride with your family and friends. Bring snacks, music, and enjoy a day filled with lots of laughs and fun. 

5. Plan an Outdoor Picnic

Why leave picnics only for the Spring/Summer time?! Bundle up and grab your favorite snacks and blankets as you head to a local park. Take the day to enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends or even by yourself! Enjoy eating, sweet conversations, painting, reading, or just being outside in the fresh air! 

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By Jenny Maybaum

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