5 Special Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021

Although Valentine’s Day is still over a month away, it will be here before we know it! And as we have all probably experienced at some point in the past, let us not risk having to figure out our plans for the night before! This holiday, similar to others over the past few months, will look different this year. Traveling, dining in, and other plans might not be possible. However, there are still tons of fun ways you can celebrate! Whether you are in a relationship or not, here are 5 Special Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021. (PSA: You do not need a valentine to do any of these! Go with your girlfriends, bring your dog, or just treat yourself to a fun day!)

1. Drive-in Movie

Pull up to your nearest drive-in theatre for the cutest movie date! Before hand, you could swing by your favorite fast food place’s drive thru. Or bring snacks from home, because what is a movie without snacks? Snacks like popcorn, cookies, or candies are easy to pack and eat in your car. We also suggest bringing blankets to make your car cozy. If you are going to a theatre that allows you to leave your car, make sure you bring folding chairs and/or proper seating. Click here for some more tips and ideas to plan the ultimate drive-in movie date night.

2. Dinner Date at Home 

Nothing says love more than food! If you ca not eat out at your favorite restaurant this year, why not have date night at home? Recreate your favorite restaurant scene and menu for a thoughtful surprise. Set up a table, lighting, and maybe even dress up to make it feel more special! And then for dessert, how about Inside-Out S’mores? 

Tuck-ins are roastable, Inside-Out S’mores readily assembled on sticks. That is crunchy graham cracker and decadent chocolate - all tucked into a handmade marshmallow. Not only do you get to enjoy an indulgent treat, but Tuck-ins are also so much fun to roast! You can roast them right at home over a gas or electric stove. Check out our various flavors (Classic S’mores, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, Peppermint, Vegan French Toast, and Vegan Classic S'more) here. Use code FREESHIP for free shipping!

3. Car Sunset

Park your car near a scenic view and enjoy a romantic car sunset date together. And as always, snacks and blankets are great additions to any car date! On your way back, jam out to your favorite songs and have your own carpool karaoke. It seems simple, but it’s bound to be a great time! Click here to check out this blog with more car date ideas! 

4. Couples Hike

Since our indoor options are limited, why not spend the day with nature? This one is especially great for couples who love the outdoors or are trying to make health/fitness a greater goal in 2021. Parks, nature reserves, and even boardwalks make great hiking locations. If you do not have one near you, even a morning walk in your neighborhood could be a great way to start the day. Just make sure to bundle up!

5. Outdoor Picnic

It is an age old date idea, but it works! Lay out a picnic blanket at a field, park, or your backyard and bring out the food. For this one, you will also have to make sure you wear a couple layers if it is cold, but it will be worth it. Some great picnic foods are sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and fruits. This could also be a great time to try out the cake in a wine glass trend we have been seeing go around. For more dessert ideas, check out our Vegan Recipes Blog where we post every Friday!

Did we miss anything? Share your Valentine’s Day plans with us during this different year and tag us on Instagram @tuck.ins or Facebook @TuckInsFoods!
By Shivani Acharya

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