5 Spooky Halloween Snack Ideas

Halloween seems to be a fan favorite, with all of the spooky decorations, creative costumes, and deliciously scary snacks! This year we wanted to expand Halloween beyond the month of October and help you prepare a little earlier. Below are some of our favorite Halloween snacks that might look a little eerie, but are extremely yummy and guaranteed to make this Halloween the best one yet!

1.Monster Munch

Mix together your favorite kettle corn, pretzels, chocolate candies and candy corn
for a yummy take on trail mix. Drizzle your mix with melted chocolates for the
perfect blend of salty and sweet! Warning: You WILL be snacking on this all
night- it’s just that good!

2.Jack-o’-Lantern Rice Krispy Treats!

Make your favorite homemade recipe for rice krispy treats and then add orange
food coloring to the marshmallow mixture. Mold the treats into the shape of a
pumpkin, adding a little bit of green colored frosting to the “stem.” Add some
candy corn eyes and a chocolate smile for the cutest treats.

3.Mummy Dogs

Slice up a few hot dogs into bite sized pieces and wrap them in crescent roll
dough. Leave a bit of the hot dog visible at the top, for the mummies to be
exposed. Add a finishing touch by dolloping any sauce for two eyes and enjoy
your mummy dogs!

4.Inside-Out S’mores!

Tuck-ins are the perfect treat for a spooky night! Gather the kids around a fire
and roast your favorite s’mores for a special time creating new memories. Inside-
Out S’mores require no prep and make less mess! Enjoy a relaxing evening after
trick or treating with Tuck-ins! Take 15% off with code "BLOG15"

5.Spider Brownies

Brownies are a fan favorite, especially when they look like a spider colony! Make
your best brownie recipe and drizzle marshmallow or frosting on the top to look
like a spider web. For extra points, add edible spiders to the top! You can make
this by sticking broken pretzels into any form of circular candy and adding some
frosting for eyes! These are guaranteed to be the best amount of spooky and the
perfect amount of yummy!

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Anna Bilsky

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