5 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summertime is the perfect time to start checking things off of that long bucket list. Warm weather, good food, and great friends are all things needed to complete the perfect summer. Below we have come up with a few things to do during the summer that are essential for the perfect summertime experience. 

1. Go to an amusement park 

With Covid restrictions lifting and businesses opening back up, now is the perfect time to take the kiddos to an amusement park and ride some rides! Following Covid safety of course, an amusement park could be the perfect place to enjoy a warm summer day!

2. Have a picnic

Pack a cute basket with your favorite summer snacks and lay out a cute blanket in a scenic area or park. Enjoy the food with great company and relax with good friends and amazing weather. 

3. Take a road trip

Pick a random spot on a map and just drive and don't think twice. Roll down the windows and blast some tunes with a friend or the family and take a little vacation to a new spot. Do not forget to explore and take lots and lots of pictures to remember the stellar time you will have!

4. Try Inside-Out S’mores

Tuck-ins are definitely one of the best snacks or desserts you could ever think of! Inside-Out S’mores make no-mess, and come with an extender piece for safe roasting. Gather the family and friends and roast your Tuck-ins around the fire on a warm night! Order now and use code SMORE20 for 20% off!

5. Go to a sports game

Whether it is professional baseball or the kiddos little league game, so some support for your favorite teams this summer! Get some yummy food and watch the game with your favorite people! 

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By Anna Bilsky

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