5 Sweet Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Looking for a special way to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones? Whether you are celebrating with your partner, family, or even friends, we’re here to take away your stress and create an even s’more special Valentine’s Day.

1. Go on an Adventure 

Spend this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones by going on an adventure. This is a great way to spend the day together, filled with energy and adrenaline! The options are endless: ice skating, camping trip, or even a drive-in movie.

2. Roast Tuck-ins 

Tuck-ins are a roastable, Inside-out S’more on a stick, each containing a handmade graham cracker, covered in chocolate, all inside a handmade marshmallow. Watch the sunset and roast your Tuck-ins over a bonfire or even your stove. Try it out with your loved one, we promise it’ll be love at first bite! Use code Blog20 at checkout for 20% off!

3. Paint & Sip Night

Grab some canvases, paint, and your favorite drink of choice and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable date night. Paint & sip nights are a great way to enjoy the company of your loved ones while sharing special memories. 

4. Explore the City

It’s easy to forget about all the amazing opportunities in your city. Explore new places with your loved ones- whether that’s a cute restaurant, a local museum, or a rooftop with scenic views. 

5. Romantic & Cozy Night In

With the weather reaching lower temperatures, it might not be ideal to leave your home. Bundle up with your loved one and enjoy watching romantic movies, cooking delicious recipes, or even play a fun board game.

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By Yulia Rostetskaya


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