5 Things to do This Labor Day!

Labor Day is in just a few days and we have some great ideas for a memorable last long weekend during the Summer! Having an enjoyable weekend is a perfect way to end the summer and start to welcome the Fall. Keep reading for a few of our favorite things to do on Labor Day.

1. Go on a Road Trip!

This three day weekend is the perfect time to gather up the family for one last summer adventure! Take this time with wonderful weather to travel somewhere new and explore another town, and even let the kids decide where to go. Planning a memorable road trip would be an opportunity to grow closer with your family, share a lot of laughs, and end the summer off right!

2. Shop the Sales

Labor Day is a weekend known for the largest sale of the summer- the end of season sale. Almost all stores promote new and old items at discounted rates for a limited time. It is the perfect time to get in last minute shopping, back to school shopping, and even shopping for technology! Spend a little money this weekend and splurge on yourself!

3. Roast Tuck-ins

One last bonfire is the best way to go into the Fall season, and nothing goes better with a bonfire than Inside-Out S’mores! Grab a pack or two of Tuck-ins to roast over the fire or even over a stove and enjoy them for the night!


4. Complete a DIY Project

Dedicate a day to all things DIY and let the creativity out! Whether it is finishing a house project like staining the deck, or it is something smaller like painting a picture, DIYs can feel extremely relaxing and help to lessen any stress you may  have.

5. Watch Fireworks

The last thing Labor Day entails is one of the last nights of summer fireworks. Gather your family and meet up with a few of your friends to watch the firework shows across the town. If you don’t want to sit outside, watch from your window or even drive around the area to see all of the firework shows!

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By Anna Bilsky

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