5 Unique Easter Basket Ideas

1. Play-Doh or Molding Clay

There is one thing most kids have in common - they love to play with their hands! Play-Doh or molding clay are two beloved gifts that not only work the hands, but also the brain. This year, grab a pack of assorted colors of clay or Play-Doh and let your little ones go to town! Let your little artist make fun sculptures while their imagination runs wild.

2. DIY Slime Kit

Slime has been all the rage amongst younger kids for the past few years, and we agree that it is the perfect gift for an Easter basket. Several stores offer different varieties of slime kits, including glitter slime, neon slime, glow in the dark slime, etc. Pick the one you think your kids will enjoy the most, or grab the necessary supplies and make your own following very simple instructions! 

3. Tuck-ins!

There’s nothing better than ending your Easter around a fire making Inside-Out S’mores! Tuck-ins are the perfect dessert to enjoy with your family this holiday with no prep and less mess! Grab a pack of your favorite flavored Tuck-ins and gather round the fire, a stove, or a TerraFlame Fire Bowl for easy roasting. Bonus: Tuck-ins can be frozen for up to 14 weeks if you don’t finish all of them!

4. Candy-Filled Eggs

Nothing screams Easter like the little plastic eggs you fill up with candy. Grab a pack of eggs from your local store and your child’s favorite individually wrapped candies. For more fun, grab a pack of stickers and decorate the eggs! Stuff the eggs with the candy and fill up their basket for a special surprise! If you want to make a game with the eggs, hide them around the house or your backyard with hints on where to find them for a fun family activity!

5. Paint Set

Creativity runs through children’s veins, so what better basket stuffer than a paint set! Pick out a paint set that you think your kids will love, consisting of watercolor or acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and a few coloring sheets or painting canvases. Painting is great for development, and your little painters will be extremely excited to show off their new art! Once their paintings are dry, hang them up around the house or even frame them to allow your little ones to embrace how talented they are. 

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Anna Bilsky

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