5 Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Looking to plan the perfect outdoor wedding? We came up with 5 unique ideas to make your wedding even more special! Keep reading to find a variety of ideas for any wedding theme and inclusive for guests of all ages.

1. Unique Photo Display

Photo backdrops do not have to be expensive or difficult to make! String some lights, tulle, streamers, etc. along a wooden wall or tree and add some cute decorations! Adding photos of the bride and groom make for an exceptionally cute wall! 

2. DIY Drink wall

Welcome your guests to your gorgeous outdoor wedding by creating a drink wall! Purchase an expensive, leafy wall background and hang it up for a cute base for your wall. Make a small shelf for each glass, and fill them up with a bottle or so of your favorite type of bubbly! Here's more inspiration for your own drink wall!

 3. Inside-Out S’mores

Tuck-ins are not only the perfect wedding dessert, but can also be used as gifts for your guests! You can even customize the front label and mix & match flavors for a s’more special night. Order your own Tuck-ins here! 

4. Sparklers

Sparklers are both fun for guests to enjoy and create such cute pictures! Go to your favorite shop or online store and purchase a bulk order of sparklers for all of your friends and family enjoy! Don’t forget to take lots of cute pictures with the sparklers! 

5. Kids table 

Create a kids table so the adults can actually enjoy the night! Print out pictures for kids to color, have a variety of crayons, and give them a jar filled with candy to enjoy! Tuck-ins also make for the perfect kids table- especially with our extender pieces that promote safe roasting for little ones. Check out our website for more details! 

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By Anna Bilsky

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