5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for School!

As crazy as it may seem, Valentine’s Day is slowly but surely approaching, and if you’re a parent, you know that means brainstorming fun ideas to celebrate the holiday, including what small gifts your kids can share at school. Instead of handing out the pre-packaged Valentines, switch it up this year with some fun and new gift ideas for all the children your little ones go to school with. Keep reading for a list full of DIYs, inexpensive gifts, and fun arts and crafts!

1. Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Nothing is more fulfilling than receiving a homemade gift that you can tell was
made with love. Purchase a pack of multi-colored construction paper and some
fun colored pencils or markers and let your children craft away! By folding pieces
of paper in half, they can create the card and decorate it to their heart’s content!
For an extra touch of personalization, they can write unique, heartfelt messages
on each card for their friends.

2. Rubber Duckies With a Cute Message

Rubber ducks can be great for bathtime, but also for gift giving amongst little
ones! Buy a pack of inexpensive rubber ducks from your local store, and let your
children brainstorm what to write on their notes. For a cute idea, write “I’m a lucky
duck to have a friend like you!” You can also add an extra touch with a few candy

3. Tuck-ins!

Everyone loves Inside-Out S’mores, especially children! Tuck-ins make the
perfect Valentine’s Day gift for classmates and teachers, and guarantee to create
less mess, keeping parents extra happy. Tuck-ins are delicious, and safe to roast
with their safety Extender Pieces! They can even be roasted outside over a fire or
inside over a S'mores by TerraFlame Fire Bowl if you don’t want to brave the cold.


4. DIY Paper Bookmarks

Many children like to read, and for those that don’t, these bookmarks are perfect
for school textbooks, magazines, and even journals! Grab some construction
paper and help your child cut them into stripes, decorating them for each of their
friends in a personalized manner. Bookmarks are an inexpensive, cute, and
super unique way to allow your kids to express their creativity and appreciation
for all of their friends.

5. Candy Bag

You can never go wrong with giving children candy! Grab some decorative
plastic goodie bags from any store, and fill them with individually wrapped
candies, and even the little boxes of candy hearts. They will be fun to hand out to
other students, and even more exciting for them to dig into!

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By: Anna Bilsky

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