5 Ways to Celebrate National Chocolate Day!

National Chocolate Day often gets overlooked with all of the Halloween hype, but this year we want to make sure you celebrate National Chocolate Day on October 28th! Everyone loves chocolate, and a whole day full of it sounds like heaven. Keep reading for some ways to celebrate a day based all around chocolate!

1. Tour a Local Chocolatier

Getting an up close look at how chocolate is made into such a delicious creation sounds like such a fun, family-friendly activity! Grab the kiddos and head to your local chocolatier to see how chocolate is made and hopefully get a free sample or two!

2. Make a New Chocolate Recipe

On this day, try out something new and bake something revolving around chocolate! Browse the web to find a niche recipe or two and give it your best shot! This is an entertaining way to make delicious food and share it with your family! Maybe this will even start a new tradition with you and your family for National Chocolate Day!

3. Eat your favorite Tuck-ins!

Inside-Out S’mores are the best dessert to have for National Chocolate Day,
especially if you want less mess! Grab a pack of your favorite flavored Tuck-ins
to roast with your family, either outside over a campfire or inside over the stove! Tuck-ins are guaranteed to satisfy that chocolate craving and make the whole family smile while enjoying a chocolate filled day!


4. Treat Yourself to a Box of Chocolates

With the holidays rounding the corner, many people forget to treat themselves, but self-care is extremely important! On this day, treat yourself to your favorite box of chocolates, or spice it up and try something new! Put on your favorite movie and relax with a warm cup of tea or coffee and a box of your favorites!

5. Host a Chocolate Party!

Kick off Halloweekend with your best pals and family members by throwing a chocolate party! This might entail a chocolate fondue machine, roasting Tuck-ins, or even making a chocolate charcuterie board. Whatever your chocolate party may look like, we know it’ll be the best time to spend with the people who matter most to you!

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By: Anna Bilsky

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