5 Ways to Make the Most of the End of Summer

Summer is flying by way too fast! If you're feeling the August blues already and you're thinking of how to take advantage of the rest of the sunny season, keep scrolling! We have five fun and festive ways to enjoy and make the most out of the rest of summer!

1. Try out a new summer recipe

From delicious salads to fresh seafood, summer is the perfect season to experiment in the kitchen and try out a new recipe! Here is an excellent guide to 101 Summer recipes, so you don't have to do the research yourself. Our favorites are the Triple Tomato Flatbread and the Blackberry Nectarine Pie! 

2. Make a campfire and roast some Tuck-ins!

If you haven't had a chance to roast s'mores over the fire this summer season, now is your chance! Tuck-ins make enjoying a summertime classic with no prep and less mess and have a flavor everyone will love, from Classic S'mores to Cookies & Cream to our new Peppermint flavor!


3. Head to a local swimming hole or lake!

If you're not near the ocean, exploring your town and finding a local lake or natural swimming hole is a perfect hot summer day activity the whole family will love! Cool down in the summer heat and enjoy spending time in nature soaking up the last bit of summer

4. Be productive and have fun by washing the car together!

If you have meant to get the car washed, don't head over to the car wash just yet! Grab the hose and a bunch of sponges, and let the kids help you clean the car together. It's a simple and productive summer activity- plus, it's free! 

5. Fire up the grill and have a family barbecue!

Family barbecues are a summer staple and the perfect way to be out in the sun, enjoying tasty food and spending quality time with loved ones! If you haven't gotten around to planning a barbecue yet, make the most of the summer and plan one now!

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By Sophie Teitel

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