5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays in the Era of COVID-19

The holidays are often referred to as the “best time of the year.” Even with COVID-19, we can still find ways to enjoy and celebrate the holidays with loved ones in a safe and socially distant manner. We have come up with some tips to keep the holiday spirit alive during this weird time of the year.

Start a New Tradition

Holidays are full of traditions to look forward to every year, but since this year will look a little different, why not embrace the change and start a new tradition? Here is a list of new things you can try as a family to keep everyone merry and bright:


1. Enjoy the Outdoors

Although COVID-19 has cancelled a lot of events and indoor gatherings, you can still go outside as a family and enjoy a socially distant hike, walk, or game. If you ave young children, take them to a nearby park and have a photoshoot in cute holiday outfits. If you have a large family, host a friendly game of football. There are a lot of activities to enjoy outdoors this holiday season, so bundle up and get outside.


2. Bring Out the Board Games

There is nothing like the good old fashion fun of board games, charades, or Pictionary. These games can be purchased on Amazon and delivered to your house in a couple days! Whether your family has a favorite game or not, if may be fun this year to buy a new game or try a classic oldie such as charades.


3. Try a New Dessert: Tuck-ins

Have you ever tried roasting Inside-Out S’mores? No? Well now is the perfect time to switch up your habits from regular ole’ s’mores and start a new tradition. Tuck-ins are Inside-Out S’mores that you can roast over the fire or over the stove and come in many different flavors. Try Classic S’more, Cookies & Cream, or Peanut Butter Cup today. There is also a gluten free and vegan option as well, so everyone in the family can participate in a new tradition! Use code SMORE15 for 15% off your oder today!


4. Have a Bake-Off

Has anyone else been getting inspired watching the Great British Bake-Off? We think getting everyone in the family involved in a bake-off would be a fun, competitive way to spend time with family. If you are not into the competition aspect, we suggest picking 2-3 recipes to make as a family and then rank your favorites. Pinterest is a great source of holiday recipes that the whole family will love, or you can check out our blog for weekly Vegan Holiday Desserts!


5. Virtual Movie Night

Pick up some popcorn, dim the lights, and put on a classic or new movie. Holiday-themed or not, watching a movie as a family will be an awesome way to enjoy each other’s company. You can even watch at the same time with family and friends who are not with you in person, via the Netflix Party extension. Grab some snacks and you can chat live, just as if you are in person watching together!


We want to know how you are navigating this holiday season in the era of the pandemic. Tag us on Instagram @tuck.ins or Facebook @TuckInsFoods and tell us what you’re doing this Holiday season!
By Grace McInnis

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