5 Ways to Spend the Perfect Summer Days and Nights

Since summer has begun and the days are getting hotter, now is the perfect time to start planning out the perfect ways to spend your long, summer days! Below we have outlined a few ideas for spending your days with the family. 

1. Watch a Sunrise 

Although early mornings might not be your thing, watching the sunrise can be extremely peaceful, and an amazing sight to see. Wake up a few minutes before the sunrise starts and head outside to watch the sky change colors as the beautiful day begins.

2. Plant a Garden 

It's never too late to start planting a garden! Growing a garden is extremely fruitful and beneficial to both you and the environment. Grab the little ones and a few basic gardening tools and get to planting! Whether it’s flowers or vegetables/fruit, gardening is full of joyful processes, from planting the seeds to seeing the blossom bud into life. 

3. Go Camping! 

Camping refreshes the mind and the soul and is fun for all ages! Escape from your busy, stressful life into nature and spend quality time with your family while being one with nature. Find your local campsite or visit a new spot to create memories and enjoy the simplicity of the outdoors. 

4. Build a Bonfire with Tuck-ins 

Bonfires are the best way to end a summer night! With the cool air and the humidity gone for the day, build a fire to roast your favorite Inside-Out S’mores! Tuck-ins are perfect for bonfires and even come with extender pieces to ensure safe roasting for the kiddos. 


5. Star Gaze 

Grab the entire family and find a spot with clear skies and enjoy the nice weather while gazing at the skies above you! Stargazing is the perfect opportunity for quality conversations- not to mention it is so peaceful!

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By Anna Bilsky

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