5 Winter Bucket List Ideas!

With the cold creeping up on us quickly, it is the perfect time of year to start compiling all of the fun and family-friendly activities you wish to enjoy with your loved ones. Since the holidays are right around the corner, we have compiled a few of our favorites to help you brainstorm some ideas for your own unique bucket list!

1. Have a Game/Movie Night

Some nights you just want to stay in and spend some quality family time together, and a game night or movie night is the perfect way to do so. Play all of your favorite board games together or put on a special Christmas movie to enjoy with your family. Popcorn, Tuck-ins, and other snacks will be the perfect addition!

2. Gather Around the Fire-pit with Tuck-ins!

While the weather is getting colder, you can still enjoy a night outside in the fresh, crisp air around the fire-pit or campfire! Roast your favorite Inside-Out S’mores that create less mess and come with a safety Extender Piece to ensure your little ones stay safe while roasting. Don’t have an outdoor firepit? Don’t worry! Tuck-ins can be roasted inside over a stove or with a Terraflame bowl!

3. Bake Cookies

If you want to stay out of the cold this Winter, having a day full of baking is the perfect idea for you! Gather up a few family recipes or even use the internet to find a new favorite and start baking. This is an activity fun for the whole family, and these cookies will be delicious and baked with love.

4. Take a Scenic Walk

Although it may be a bit chilly, taking a nature walk is perfect for all seasons! Wrap up in your Winter coat, fill up a thermos with some hot cocoa, pack up some snacks, and gather the family for a walk full of fresh air and beautiful scenery. Take a walk down one of your favorite nature trails or even around your neighborhood - getting fresh air and vitamin D is vital for a happy and healthy Winter season.

5. Spa Day

Dry skin and lips, watery eyes, and goosebumps. These are just a few of the results of the colder Winter weather. Treat yourself (and your mind & body) to a relaxing self care spa day. Draw a bubble bath, do a face and hair mask, and moisturize your skin to feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

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By: Anna Bilsky

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