6 Fun Activities to Keep Kids Busy this Fall

As if keeping your kids busy was not already difficult, add in the additional struggles of the pandemic and social distancing. Since large amusement parks, hayrides, and festivals are not an option this year, we prepared a list of affordable, exciting activities to do with your kids to not only keep them busy but also having fun!

First, let us talk about creative outlets for children. We have come up with a number of activities that will keep your kid’s imagination active, while also keeping them moving.


1. Chalk on the Driveway or Sidewalk

So simple and affordable, chalk is also a great way to get your kids outdoors. Children are able to exercise their creative brain and imagination while getting their hands a little dirty (but not too dirty!). Amazon has some great options for sidewalk chalk in all different colors!

2. Scavenger Hunt Walk

Before you go on your next walk, have your kids create a list of things they can search for outdoors. An animal, a pinecone, a pumpkin… the possibilities are endless. Watch your children’s excitement every time they check an item off their scavenger hunt list. This spices up your routine walks and will stimulate your children’s brains. There are some great templates for outdoor scavenger hunts on Pinterest to help you and your kids come up with fun things to hunt for.


3. Build a Fort

Let us be honest: adults love to build forts too. Grab your best blankets, sheets, and pillows and start building. Your kids will love being involved in a project and will come up with some pretty creative ideas for how to construct your fort. There is no doubt that once it is built, the fort will occupy them for hours to come. You can use this Pinterest board for inspiration on how to build your fort.


Next, we compiled a list of food-related activities that will keep your children engaged (and keep their tummies full)!


4. Tuck-ins

Tuck-ins are Inside-out S’mores that are kid-friendly in terms of roasting and eating. They are not only a great activity to occupy your kids, but they are a mess-free alternative to regular smores and come in flavors such as Classic, Cookies & Cream, and Peanut Butter Cup. They also have Vegan and Gluten-Free options available. Tuck-ins can be easily roasted over a gas or electric stove, as well as a firepit if you access to one. You can order them here and use code SMORE15 for 15% off.


5. Home-made Ice Cream

Home-made ice cream is a great science experiment to do with your kiddos. No ice cream maker? No problem! Use this recipe to see how you can make ice cream with ice and salt. The simple ingredients you already have in your pantry and the easy, under 15-minute process will leave your kids amazed at how quickly they can have ice cream. Did we mention it tastes so yummy?!


6. Dress up for dinner

Next time you plan to make dinner, have your kids come up with a theme or costume idea for the dinner. Maybe they wear last year’s Halloween costume (or this year’s because they are way too excited to wear it). Maybe they put on a combination of the wackiest things they own (we are thinking crazy hats, feather boas, and a colorful outfit). However you plan it, your kids will have so much fun getting dressed up and it will make dinner that much more exciting.


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By Grace McInnis

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