6 Reasons to Love the Summertime

Summer is the time of the year that most folks look forward to most. Warm weather, friends and family, and lots of activities are key elements to making lifelong memories. We have formulated a list of reasons to fall in love with the summer season. Keep reading for some exceptional reasons! 

1. Summer Storms 

Booming thunder, striking lightning, and pouring rain seem to be more peaceful than any other time of the year. Summer storms are enthralling and draw people in, mesmerizing us to keep watching and see which direction the storm takes. Try safely watching or listening to a storm this summer and watch your problems solve themselves. 

2. Fireworks 

Everyone knows that fireworks are a staple in the summer, especially around the holidays. Grab the kids, pack up the car with snacks, and make it a goal to watch a good fireworks show this summer. 

3. Lightning Bugs

While bugs may seem unappealing to many people, lightning bugs seem to be different. They are pretty to look at, AND entertain the kids. Take the children outside at night and let them chase the lightning bugs, catching a few to keep in a jar for the night. Just do not forget to poke some holes in the lid so they can later be released. 

4. No School!

As summer approaches, the kids start to count down their days left of school until summer. Thankfully, that time is finally here. Enjoy these next couple of months with the kids being home and plan some fun activities for the family.

5. S’mores 

S’mores are an absolute must for the summer, specifically Inside-Out S’mores! Tuck-ins make the perfect treat for the family during the warm, serene nights, and even come with an extender piece to ensure safe roasting for the kids. With no-mess, there is never a hassle with Tuck-ins! Order your very own Inside-Out S’mores today on our website and use code SMORE15 for 15% off!

6. The Beach 

Who doesn’t love a warm beach day with the family, cold drinks, and a nice, cool breeze? The beach is the perfect getaway for the summer, even if it is for only a few days. Make an effort to plan a mini beach trip for the kids and watch them fall in love with the sand and the ocean. 

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By Anna Bilsky

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