7 Back to School Gifts For the Kids

Whether your child is going back to school or staying online, it is the perfect time of year to give them a few gifts to show how proud you are of them and get them motivated for school. We have compiled a list of a few things that are perfect for the back-to-school season!

School Supplies

This one may be a given, but school supplies make the perfect gift for back to school! Throw some colorful pens, markers, sticky notes, etc into a cute basket and give it to your kids on their first day of school. Nothing is better than new supplies for a brand-new school year!

A Calendar

While calendars and planners may seem overrated, they are perfect for kids of all ages, especially for your little procrastinators. Teach your children how to keep a list of things to do, events they have coming up, and assignments due and watch them thrive in their academics.


Inside-Out S’mores are the perfect gift for kids of all ages, and are even fun for the whole family! They are delicious and make no-mess, guaranteeing an easy clean-up and fun for everyone! Grab the kiddos and roast your Tuck-ins the night before school starts for a great start to the school year!


Most kids get hungry throughout the day and need some snacks to help get them through their school days. Grab a cute gift bag and fill it with your kiddos favorite snacks to help them survive their first few days of school.

Customized Key Chain

Custom a little key chain with your child’s name and attach it to their backpack, just in case it gets lost or someone has the same one as them. It’s super cute and very easy to identify, especially when they are in school!

Cute Reusable Water Bottles

Many schools have started allowing students to carry around reusable water bottles, so now is the perfect time to invest in a unique water bottle for the little ones. Get a bottle with their favorite things on it, and watch them find a new way to enjoy staying hydrated!

Hand Sanitizer!

This one may sound silly, but with the COVID-19 virus still among us, it is a must for the kids to have hand sanitizer. Stock their backpacks with fun-smelling hand sanitizers, or even grab a cute case to put them in so they can keep their hands nice and clean throughout the day!

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By Shivani Acharya

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