7 Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day in 2021

Holidays this year feel especially exciting because they give us something to look forward to. And with Valentine’s Day over now, it is time to get into your St. Paddy’s Day spirit! Too early? Never! The McDonald’s shamrock shake is also back, which means it is officially time to start thinking about the season of green!

Of course, as we continue to practice social distancing and limit our gatherings, this year’s St. Patrick’s Day traditions will look different. We cannot have parties or parades in person, so here are 7 Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day in 2021!

1. Scavenger Hunt

This idea is great for children but can also be tailored towards adults to create a fun and interesting afternoon for any puzzle lovers. First, decide all the locations you want your seeker to travel to. Next, come up with a clue for each location. Hide your clues at the selected locations, and then plant your “treasure.” The treasure can be anything from chocolate coins and candy to gift cards or a new sweater. Check out this blog for some fun scavenger hunt ideas and free printables for your clues!

2. Attend a Virtual Parade

A lot of parades have been cancelled; however some cities are planning virtual events to hold instead. So, if parades are your annual tradition, you can still enjoy them! Make sure you look up times and places to stream these events before they air. 

3. Irish Trivia (+ Beer!)

Who does not love trivia night? And if you are of age, you could also turn it into a drinking game. Host a trivia night over Zoom with your friends and family. You will learn more about the history of the holiday and country, while also having a good time full of laughs and beers. This is also a great idea for a happy hour celebration with your coworkers or a virtual office party. Check out this website for trivia question ideas over a range of categories!

4. Cook a Traditional Irish Dinner

If you love cooking, are looking to try something new, or consider yourself a foodie – this one is for you. There are tons of classic Irish recipes online and St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to enjoy and appreciate some authentic food. Here is a collection of recipes, which as the writers say, will take your family to Ireland – right at the dinner table!

5. Tuck-ins

What is a sweeter way to celebrate any holiday than with some dessert! Tuck-ins are roastable, Inside-Out S’mores already pre-assembled onto sticks. They can be roasted over any open fire or stovetop, without any mess! These treats could be a fun idea to surprise your kids with on St. Patrick’s Day or to have at a bonfire. And you are in luck (we had to), because Tuck-ins come in various flavors: Classic S’mores, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, French Toast, and GF/VG options. So, tons of choices for everyone! Shop now and use code SMORE15 for 15% off!!

6. Make a Leprechaun Trap

If you have little ones, this is a super fun craft idea! And there are tons of options and ideas online to get you started. You can follow steps to a tutorial online or let them get creative and design your own. Shoe boxes are easy bases and you probably already have some lying around. And then of course, do not forget to add Lucky Charms and gold coins to attract the leprechaun to your trap! If you need some inspiration, here is a blog on 11 Creative & Fun Leprechaun Trap Ideas!

7. Watch Classic St. Paddy’s Day Movies 

Finally, we have a movie day! Grab your blankets, order some takeout, and celebrate with some classic St. Paddy’s Day movies. Here is a post on the 21 best St. Patrick’s Day movies! They cover it all - from romance and comedies, to some cute children’s movies.

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By Shivani Acharya

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