DIY Backyard Family Camping Weekend

With the weather warming up and summer break starting soon, the kids will be home and ready to have some summer fun! If your family loves camping and you are looking for a fun family weekend all from your backyard, keep on scrolling! 

1. DIY Tabletop Terra Cotta Fire Pit to Roast Tuck-ins on! 

If you do not have a full size fire pit, this is such an easy way to get the camping experience on  a smaller scale. These are the perfect size for roasting Inside-Out S’mores with the family! Mix and match with our delicious flavor options and you are guaranteed to see smiles on all the little ones' faces! Here is a simple tutorial we love on how to recreate the Terra Cotta Fire Pit.

2. DIY Glow Stick Lanterns

This is such a unique and easy craft idea the kids will love during your backyard camping weekend! Glow Stick Lanterns are also perfect for when the sun goes down and you want to brighten up the backyard for the little ones. Here is a simple tutorial on how to make these lanterns.

3. Outdoor Drink Holders

Use leftover cans and up-cycle them to make these Outdoor Drink Holders! These are so useful for your backyard camping weekend and for the rest of the summer! Get creative and crafty with your kids and make unique drink holders. Here is an easy tutorial.

4. Outdoor Movie Night 

Use camping in your backyard to your benefit and have an outdoor movie night with a giant white sheet and a projector! Make the most of your camping experience by roasting Inside-Out S’mores and enjoying your favorite treats while watching a movie or two! Here are some great movies to watch while camping.

5. Prepare for the Night

Lastly, make sure you have a spacious tent to fit everyone! Here is the ultimate guide of popular tents. You can also get creative and pitch a tee-pee for the kids! Pro tip: get yoga mats for DIY “mattresses” under your sleeping bags and everyone will have a great night's sleep!

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By Sophie Teitel

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