5 Ways to Enjoy a Summer Staycation

We know it's getting quite hot outside, and what better way to enjoy some time off than a staycation? With the summer heat getting warmer and the sun getting stronger, it is the perfect time to stay inside in the cool air and enjoy a day or two to relax and unwind. Keep reading for a few ways to make the most out of your summer staycation!

1. Have a Spa Day!

Nothing says relaxation like an at-home spa day! Invite a few of your closest
friends over or gather your kids for a calming day full of self-care. Try putting on a
face mask with a couple slices of cucumbers over your eyes and listen to some
serene music in the background. Take this time to enjoy your time off and allow
your body and mind to relax in the comfort of your own home.

2. Plan a Game Night

Game nights are a perfect way to have an evening full of family fun, old and new
games, and a lot of laughs! Dust off the old board games or find some new ones
and take some time to spend the night together playing games and making

3. Roast Tuck-ins!

Inside-Out S’mores make the perfect treat for a staycation, especially since they can be roasted both outdoors over a fire or indoors over a stove! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your kids’ faces, Tuck-ins come with safety extender pieces to make sure your little ones stay safe while roasting their delicious treats. If you don’t finish all of them at once, don’t worry! Tuck-is can be frozen for up to three months and enjoyed anytime.


4. Read Your Favorite Book

Put your phone away for the day and enjoy some time reading your favorite
book. Sit in the most comfortable area of your home and throw yourself
into the story you are reading to give your brain a little break from reality!

5. Have a Movie Night!

Light some candles and dim the lights for a showing of one of your family’s top
rated movies! Grab some snacks and gather around the TV with an abundance of
soft blankets and share quality time with your loved ones while winding down for
the night.

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By Anna Bilsky

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