Tuck-ins 10 Piece Bouquet

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(Total items selected MUST add up to 10, under/over selected orders will NOT be processed and will be asked to place the order again.) 

Hey Tuck-ins® fans, in these times everyone could use a little s’more love in their lives. Are you looking to send a loved one a thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed in the comforts of their own home?

We are excited to introduce to you: The Tuck-ins® 10 Piece Bouquet!

For only $40, you can mix and match all of our different flavors below, write a personalized note, and send someone a gift to bring s’more fun to their day!

Any extra Tuck-ins can be sent home with your family members and frozen for up to 14 weeks. Each order also comes with Extender Pieces to safety roast your Tuck-ins over a fire!

See Nutrition Facts Here: 

Classic S'more

Cookies & Cream

Peanut Butter Cup

Gluten-Free / Vegan Classic