About Us

Tuck-ins® are a roastable, Inside-Out S’more™ on a stick, each containing a crunchy handmade graham cracker, covered in decadent chocolate, all inside a fluffy marshmallow! 

Tuck-ins® were first thought of years ago at a campfire when Jerry was making s’mores and simply put a piece of graham cracker and chocolate inside a marshmallow and roasted it up! Jerry went to his now mother-in-law, Carol, to help make this idea into what you know and love as a Tuck-in today. Dan and Maddie were then brought on to run the day-to-day business and the
Tuck-ins Team was born!

Be sure to check out our gluten-free and vegan option!

Ready to roast, but great without!

Tuck-ins® come totally ready to roast! Simply find yourself some fire and roast it the same way you would an ordinary marshmallow to get that melty texture you know and love. Or, if you can’t wait to bite in, Tuck-ins® are great without roasting!

Burn baby burn! Or, you know, don’t!