Giving Back

As of 2020, a portion of all Tuck-ins® sales will be donated to support The Literate Earth Project. The Tuck-ins® Team is committed to giving back to our local, national, and global community and are extremely proud to be working with The Literate Earth Project.

Their Mission

The mission of The Literate Earth Project is to establish literate communities in developing countries by putting books in the hands and minds of children. They do this by providing books, financing, and educational expertise to communities in Uganda.

How They Work

At The Literate Earth Project, they believe that literacy is truly at the core of human development, and that it is their responsibility to provide developing countries with books, libraries, and literacy education.


The Literate Earth Project believes in harnessing the power of a community. They collaborate with communities to create, equip, and staff their libraries. By building community investment they create a foundation for continued success.


The Literate Earth Project firmly believes in providing their communities with the support necessary to sustain continued growth and development of libraries and literacy programs. They do this through providing training to communities, teachers, and staff that enable them to fully utilize the libraries as sources of information and learning.


Through partnerships with local publishers, government officials, educators and other nonprofits, The Literate Earth Project is able to customize the content within libraries to ensure that students have access to books that are relevant to both their education and culture. This allows for direct impact on the quality of education the school age children receive.

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